A. V. Savvides & Partners Ltd, is a professional firm based in Limassol, Cyprus, offering audit, tax and advisory services. Our aim is to provide professional advise which will assist our client operate with success in a competitive business environment. Apart from auditing the financial reports which is the traditional function of an audit firm, we try to assist our clients in identifying potential risks in the environment they carry out their business. With excellent knowledge on the legislation governing Cyprus and European tax systems, we are committed to offering accurate information on tax issues based on each client's individual data.

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A.V.Savvides & Partners Ltd
1, Mourouzi Street, Georgia Court,
3rd and 4th Floor, Office 301 & 401,
4001 Mesa Yitonia, Limassol - Cyprus
P.O.Box 59583, 4010 Limassol - Cyprus
Tel: 25 723 723, Fax: 25 752 675
Email: info@avsavvides.com